Goldie's Page

Sad to report that Goldie is no more. Nearing her 16th birthday, her legs simply would not carry her any more. Our hearts were broken but we look fondly on the joy she gave us for so many years.

I was born at a home in Queensville, Ontario (30 minutes north of Toronto) on October 13, 2004. The place is called DoodleHeaven. You see, I'm a GoldenDoodle. That is, my birth father was a purebred Standard Poodle, and my mother was a purebred Golden Retriever.

I had eight brothers and sisters. They tell me that I was the smallest of the litter but I was also the friendliest. My first master says I always followed him around and was a very happy puppy.

My new parents, Ken and Vilia, adopted me on December 11, 2004. I'm a lovable, friendly Doodle with non-allergenic fur that doesn't shed too much.